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This calculator calculates fixed fastener position tolerances utilizing principles and concepts withinASME Y14.5-2009 and ASME Y14.5M - 1994, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

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Negative Tolerance numbers indicate interference. 

This calculator will calculate the unknown for the given conditions. Four (4) inputs are required,See the application illustration at bottom of page.

 The following are definitions for the elements:

Fastener (Shaft) Diameter - This is the maximum size (MMC) of the bolt, shaft or other feature of size.

Hole Diameter - This is the smallest hole (MMC) for the given feature of size.

Fastener (Shaft) Tolerance - The positional tolerance of the installed bolt, screw or shaft. (Calculator does not compensate for projection zone).

Hole Tolerance - This is the clearance hole positional tolerance.

Clearance (C) - This is the clearance desired for the hole - fastener (shaft) when the holes are produced at a worst case positional tolerance. This value is set to zero (0) for a line to line fit.

GD&T Design Drawing for GD&T Tolerances

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