ISO G&T Geometrical Dimensioning Tolerancing Fundamentals Training ISO 1101

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ISO 1101-2017
Geometrical Tolerancing, G&T
Training Overview

Geometrical Tolerancing G&T Training per ISO 1101 programs are available at your facility, by webinar and within public seminars. Our mechanical engineering degreed trainer has over thirty two years engineering design experience and is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as a Senior Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Professional (GDTP) since 1997. Additionally our trainer/consultant is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with an Airframe and Powerplant licence.

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Online G&T Fundamentals Training per. ISO 1101 GPS
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Training conducted by Kelly Bramble, Certified ASME Senior Y14.5.2 GDTP
Circular Runnout

Geometrical Tolerancing (G&T) is a language used on mechanical engineering drawings composed of symbols that are used to efficiently and accurately communicate geometry requirements for associated features on components and assemblies. G&T is, and has been, successfully used for many years in the automotive, aerospace, electronic and the commercial design and manufacturing industries.In today's modern and technically advanced design, engineering and manufacturing world, effective and accurate communication is required to ensure successful end products.

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These courses are perfect for designers, engineers, quality, manufacturing, Inspection or anybody required to interpret or apply geometric dimensioning & tolerancing, G&T.

Course Overview

Based on ISO 1101-2017 (E) standard. Ordered and conceptually based tolerancing concepts are presented to help “see” how ISO 1101 is interpreted and/or applied on engineering drawings of parts and assemblies.

Emphasis is placed upon developing skills necessary to clearly interpret or define, analyze, specify dimensional functions, datum (coordinate) locations, and tolerance boundaries and shapes of all geometric and limit tolerance concepts.

The goal of this training is to ensure a common and group-wide understanding of the principles, interpretation and application of geometric dimensioning and limit tolerancing.

Training is presented utilizing Power Point slides, physical models (parts), videos, white board detailing and lecture. Learners participate in individual and group exercises with trainer distributed worksheets and other customer centric documents.

Who Should Attend ISO 1101-2017 Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing, GD&T Interpretation - Application Combined Training Class?

This two or three day training class is perfect for both beginners and experienced users of GD&T. Design, engineering, manufacturing and dimensional inspection will all benefit from this comprehensive training. This class is most appropriate for Dimensional Metrologist, Designers, Engineers, Quality Engineers, Management, ect. Any organization that creates, interprets or works extensively with international organizations utilizing ISO 1101-2017.

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Training & Reference Books Used and Available

  • How to interpret and apply the concepts of GD&T per. ISO 1101 - 2017 Standard.
  • Similarities and differences between the ASME and ISO standards
  • Types of tolerances, their interpretation and application
  • Form Tolerances: flatness, cylindricity, straightness, circularity
  • Orientation Tolerances: perpendicularity, parallelism, angularity
  • Location Tolerances: effects of material modifiers
  • Profile Tolerances: profile of a surface, profile of a line
  • Circular and total runout
  • Datum system, rules and application.
  • Typical 2-day Training syllabus

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