GD&T Intermediate Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Training ASME Y14.5-2009

GD&T Intermediate Interpretation and Application Training

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Based on ASME Y14.5 - 2009 standard, 2.5 or more (upto five) day GDT Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Intermediate class. Ordered and conceptually based tolerancing concepts are presented to help “see” how ASME Y14.5 is interpreted and applied on engineering drawings of parts and assemblies.

Emphasis is placed upon developing skills necessary to clearly analyze, define requirements, specify dimensional functions, datum (coordinate) locations, inspection of geometric tolerances, and tolerance boundaries and shapes of all geometric and limit tolerance concepts.

The goal of this training is to ensure a common and group-wide understanding of the principles, interpretation and application of geometric dimensioning and limit tolerancing.

Training is presented utilizing Power Point slides, physical models (parts), videos, white board detailing and lecture. Learners participate in individual and group exercises with trainer distributed worksheets and other documents.

Audience: This Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing GD&T training is best for designers, mechanical engineers, quality engineers, manufacturing, dimensional inspection and others whom have had exposure to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Entry level engineers, designer, scientist and other professions can benefit from this training series.

Typical 3 Day ASME GD&T Intermediate Training


Petroleum Engineering & Services
Houston, Texas - 2011

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Training conducted by
Certified ASME Senior Y14.5.2
GDTP Instructor/Consultant

Day 1

  • Introduction, Course objective, outline, course material distribution and questions
  • Why Geometric dimensioning tolerancing? How the geometric system works.
  • Terms and definitions, Common symbols & Terminology, Fundamental Rules (Drawing)
  • Break
  • Feature definition - With Size and Without Size, Material Condition (Maximum, Least, Regard of Material Condition), Limit Tolerancing, Dimension Origin
  • Break For Lunch
  • Limits of Size, Rule 1 or Envelope Principle, Go- No Go Gauges
  • In-class group exercises and questions
  • Break
  • Datum Reference Frame - Theory & Interpretation, Datum Elements, View Oriented Datum's
  • Review and Questions, Suggested reading assignment
  • Break for Day
  • Instructor available for questions and open discussion

Day 2

  • Day 1 review and questions
  • Form Tolerances, Flatness, Verification, Surface Roughness, Straightness, Line Elements Applied to a Flat Surface, Circularity, Average Diameter, Cylindricity,
  • Break
  • Orientation Tolerances, Perpendicularly, Surface, One Datum Feature, Parallelism, Surface, One Datum Feature, Angularity, Surface, One, Datum Feature
  • Group Exercises and review
  • Lunch
  • Profile Tolerances, Bilateral, Bilateral - Unequal, Unilateral
  • Position Tolerances, Overview, Cylindrical Tolerance Zone, Rectangular Tolerance Zone, Composite - One Datum Feature
  • Break
  • Runout Tolerance, Circular Runout, Total Runout
  • Review & Group Exercises
  • Completion Certificates Distribution
  • Break Class
  • Instructor available for questions and open discussion

Day 3

  • Special applications
  • Custom training materials (organizational centric)
  • Design, inspection, manufacturing applications
  • Workshop customer end item centric
  • Instructor available for questions and open discussion

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