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Fluids Applications

Bernoulli's Equation

Two-Phase Fluid Flow
  • Two-Phase Fluid Flow Two-phase flow occurs in a system containing gas and liquid with a meniscus separating the two phases
  • Flow Instability Unstable flow can occur in the form of flow oscillations or flow reversals.
  • Pipe Whip If a pipe were to rupture, the reaction force created by the high velocity fluid jet could cause the piping to displace and cause extensive damage
  • Water Hammer Water hammer is a liquid shock wave resulting from the sudden starting or stopping of flow.
  • Pressure spike Pressure spike is the resulting rapid rise in pressure above static pressure caused by water hammer.
  • Steam Hammer Steam hammer is a power hammer driven by steam.
  • Operational Considerations Practical Application Water and steam hammer are not uncommon occurrences in industrial plants.
Centrifugal Pumps Fluids and Flow Calculators

Pumps, Components, and Technology

Piping Hardware Design Data

Head Loss
  • Head Loss Head loss is the reduction in the total head or pressure of the fluid as it moves through a fluid system.
  • Friction Factor Friction factor has been determined to depend on the Reynolds number for the flow and the degree of roughness of the pipes
  • Darcy's Equation Darcy's Equation Fluids Flow Equation - also called Darcy Weisbach equation.
  • Minor Losses Pressure losses that occur in pipelines due to bends, elbows, joints, valves, etc. are sometimes called minor losses.
  • Equivalent Piping Length Equivalent Piping Length Head Loss Equation Fluids

Natural Circulation

Fluids Engineering Data

Vacuum Systems and Design

Laminar and Turbulent Flow

  • Airfoil AeroDynamics Characteristics Calculator Mach Number, Reynolds Number, Dynamics Pressure, Viscosity
  • Flow Regimes Two flow regimes are laminar flow and turbulent flow
  • Laminar Flow Laminar flow (or streamline flow) occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers.
  • Turbulent Flow Turbulent Flow Poseuille Law Equation
  • Flow Velocity Profiles Not all fluid particles travel at the same velocity within a pipe.
  • Average (Bulk) Velocity Ia single average velocity to represent the velocity of all fluid at that point in the pipe.
  • Viscosity Viscosity is a fluid property that measures the resistance of the fluid to deforming due to a shear force.
  • Ideal Fluid ideal fluid is one that is incompressible and has no viscosity.
  • Reynolds Number Reynolds number, based on studies of Osborn Reynolds, is dimensionless number of the physical characteristics of the flow.

Applications Calculators

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