GD&T Floating Fastener Condition Tolerance Calculator

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This calculator will determine the unknown variable of a floating fastener design condition using ASME Y14.5 - 2009 and ISO 1101 and derivative GD&T standards.

Negative Tolerance Numbers Indicate an Interference Condition

This calculator will calculate the unknown for the given conditions.
(2) inputs are required,& See the application illustration at bottom of page.

Open Floating Fastener Condition Tolerance Calculator

The following are definitions for the elements:

Fastener (Shaft) Diameter - This is the maximum size (MMC) of the bolt, shaft or other feature of size.

Hole Diameter - This is the smallest hole (MMC) for the given feature of size.

TOL = Hole Tolerance, This is the hole positional tolerance applied to all related hole features.

Applies to both plates #1 and #2.

Floating Fastener Condition Annotation Design
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