Assembly Tolerance Analysis Calculator

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100 % interchangability and Six Sigma assembly and part tolerance analysis calculator.

Use this calculator to:

  • Determine if the parts will assemble 100% of the time, or will assemble 99.73% (± 3 sigma) of the time statistically.
  • Done to determine if the parts will function properly at worst condition.
  • Determine if the drawing tolerance can be larger.
  • Determine if statistical tolerancing will give a lower cost product.
  • A fully documented tolerance analysis provides a record of the design dimensional requirements that can be reviewed at a later date in case of a product failure.

For more details and related resources see:

± 3σ is equal to the sum of the squares for each bilateral tolerance

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Equation

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100% Interchangabilty and ± 3σ tolerances using bilateral uneven tolerances.

100% Interchangabilty and ± 3σ tolerances using bilateral tolerances.