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Truss Builder And Calculator Solver

Create and analyze Structural Truss using nodes, structural members with graphical display and tables data results.

May 18, 2021

Truss Bridge Generator Design and Calculator Tool

Truss Bridge Generator with Loading Design and Calculator Tool

May 17, 2021

Truss Bridge Loading 2D Design Calculator Tool

Truss Bridge Loading 2D Design Calculator Tool - This is a truss design and optimization tool can create simple 2D trusses and simulate a distributed load.

May 16, 2021

Truss Optimization 2D Calculator Tool

This is a design and optimization tool for trusses that uses real-time simulation feedback to inform the design process. Trusses are assemblies of rigid beams connected at "nodes" that form the backbone of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

May 15, 2021

Uniform Circular Motion Formulas, Animation and Calculator

Uniform circular motion. The moving object travels in a circular path. The magnitude of linear velocity, acceleration, and centripetal force stays constant, but their direction changes.

May 11, 2021

Mechatronics Technologies and Principles

Mechatronics is an amalgam of “mechanisms” and “electronics”: systems that contain both mechanical and electrical components. It’s a field that spans nearly every industry, so any one source (even this one) will not be complete with all the information you need.

May 10, 2021

Sprocket Chain Length Formulae and Calculator

It is sometimes necessary to fix the center-to-center distance of the sprockets to accommodate existing constraints or mechanical design considerations.

May 10, 2021

Sprocket Pitch Diameter Formulas and Calculator

The sprocket pitch diameter is an imaginary circle through which the chain pin centers move around the sprocket. The pitch diameter is the fundamental design geometry that determines the size shape and form of the sprocket teeth dimensions.

May 9, 2021

Spur Gear and Assembly Builder

Spur Gear and Assembly Builder calculates and models individual Spur Gears and Gear assembly. File down loads available with Premium Account.

May 7, 2021

Selecting the Right Fan or Blower for Your Application

Sizing of fans and blowers is similar in process to that of pumps, where graphs are commonly used. The performance graph is usually a constant-speed plot with capacity on the X axis and a variety of performance factors on the Y axis. As part of the selection process, a graph of the system is also generated, with capacity as the X axis and head (energy loss in the system) on the Y axis.

Apr 28, 2021

What's New!

Balancing Rotating Fixtures Turning Operations on a Lathe Formulas and Calculator

Manufacturing fixtures rotating at a high speed require balancing. Often it is assumed that the center of gravity of the work piece and fixture and of the counterbalancing masses are in the same plane; however, this is not usually the case. Counterbalancing masses are required in two separate planes to prevent excessive vibration or bearing loads at high speeds.

Apr 27, 2021

Counterbalancing Several Masses Located in a Single Plane Formulas and Calculator

Counterbalancing Several Masses Located in a Single Plane Formulas and Calculator In all balancing problems, the product of the counterbalancing mass (or weight) and its radius are calculated; it is thus necessary to select either the mass or the radius and then calculate the other value from the product of the two quantities.

Apr 26, 2021

Sphericity of Sphere Formulas and Calculator

Sphericity of a Sphere Formulas and Calculator Sphericity is, naturally, a measure of how spherical an object is. Defined by Wadell in 1932, the sphericity ψ of a particle is the ratio of the surface area of a sphere with the same volume as the given spherical particle to the surface area of the particle.

Apr 25, 2021

Ovality Roundness Tube Tube or Pipe Formulas and Calculator

Ovality (Roundness) of a Tube or Pipe Formulas and Calculator. Out of roundness, sometimes referred to as ovality is tube or pipe on the same cross-section of the outer diameter, roundness or ovality is difference between the maximum and minimum dimensions of outside diameter, is carefully measured the high and low points at any one section of the tube or pipe.

Apr 25, 2021

Jigs and Fixtures Handbook, Second Edition

Covers clamping devices, welding fixtures, drilling jigs, milling fixtures, inspection devices, and more. Includes shop setup techniques and cost estimating. Discusses the basic principles of tool design

Apr 24, 2021

Handbook of Manufacturing Processes

The book is in two sections: (I), the Process Section, in which common manufacturing processes in 17 key industries are described, and (11), the Products, Components and Materials Section, which explains how many of these are made.

Apr 24, 2021

Gear Design Handbook

Fundamentals of Toothed Gearing, Spur Gears, Helical Gears. Gear Design Handbook

Apr 23, 2021

Engineering Mathematics Graphing Calculator

Engineering Mathematics Graphing Calculator - Math Functions available , sin(x) Sine of x , cos(x) Cosine of x , tan(x) Tangent of x , asin(x) Arcsin of x , acos(x) Arccosine of x etc.

Apr 21, 2021

Metal Fatigue Engineering Analysis Excel Spreadsheet Calculator

Metal Fatigue Engineering Analysis Excel Spreadsheet Calculator. Components are designed to withstand: direct forces, moments and torsion. These loads may be applied gradually, suddenly, or repeatedly. A static stress analysis leads to a dynamic stress evaluation.

Apr 14, 2021

Injection Molding Plastic Cost Estimator Excel Spreadsheet Calculator

Injection Molding Plastic Part Cost Estimator Excel Spreadsheet Calculator

Apr 12, 2021

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