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Heat Loss Insulated Electric Wire Equations and Calculator

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Heat Loss From an Insulated Electric Wire Equation and Calculator:


1 Heat transfer is steady since there is no indication of any change with time.
2 Heat transfer is one-dimensional since there is thermal symmetry about the centerline and no variation in the axial direction.
3 Thermal conductivities are constant.
4 The thermal contact resistance at the interface is negligible.
5 Heat transfer coefficient incorporates the radiation effects, if any.

Heat Loss From an Insulated Electric Wire Equation and Calculator

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heat generated

Area of wire

Area of wire

Conduction resistance for the plastic cover and a convection resistance for the outer surface in series

Conduction resistance

Conduction resistance

Total Conduction Resistance

Total Conduction Resistance

Interface temperature

Interface temperature

Critical radius of insulation of the plastic cover.

Critical radius


Q = Heat Steady State Transfer (W)
A = Area (m2)
L = Length (m)
V = Voltage (v)
I = Amperage (amps)
rn = Radius (m)
k = Thermal Conductivity (W/m · °C)
T∞n = Temperature (°C)
Tn = Temperature (°C)
hn = Heat Transfer Coefficient (W/m2 · °C)
Rconv = Thermal Resistance (°C/W)
Rplastic = Thermal Resistance Glass (°C/W)

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