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Pump Motor Size Calculator Spreadsheet

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Pump Motor Size Calculator Spreadsheet

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Download: Pump Motor Size Calculator Spreadsheet

Pump Motor Size Calculator Spreadsheet

Data input and Output:

  • Static Suction Head: (h1)
  • Static Discharge Head: (h2)
  • Is Pump Inlet Diameter equal to Outlet Diameter:
  • Enter Pump Inlet Diameter:
  • Enter Pump Outlet Diameter:
  • Density of Liquid: (D)
  • Required Amount of Liquid at particular Height
  • Required Time for getting Liquid at particular Height
  • Flow Rate: (Q)
  • Inlet Velocity: (v1)
  • Outlet Velocity: (v2)
  • Velocity Head Inlet: (Vhi)
  • Velocity Head Outlet: (Vho)
  • Difference in Velocity Head: (h3)
  • Total Head:
  • Friction Loss in Pipe
  • Actual Total Head (After Friction Losses): (H)
  • Pump Hydraulic Power: (ph)
  • Pump Efficiency: (nP)
  • Motor/ Pump Shaft Power: (ps)
  • Motor Efficiency: (nM)
  • Safety Margin (As per American Petroleum Institute (API):
  • Required Motor Size: