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Torsional Deformation Stress Hollow Thin Elliptical Thin Wall Section Equation and Calculator

Beam Deflection and Stress Equation and Calculators

Torsional Deformation and Stress Elliptical Hollow thin-walled section of uniform thickness Equations and Calculator. Hollow, thin-walled section of uniform thickness;

U = length of elliptical median boundary, shown dashed:

Hollow Elliptical Section

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Torsional Deformation and Stress Hollow thin-walled section of uniform thickness Section Calculator

length of elliptical median boundary

Torsional Deformation and Stress

Angle of Twist under applied Torque Moment

θ = ( T L ) / ( K G )

Shear Stress

Shear Stress


θ = angle of twist (radians)
α = degrees
T = Twisting or torque moment force-length, (in-lbs, N-mm)
L = Length (in, mm)
a, b = Diameter (in, mm)
t = Thickness wall (in, mm)
τ = Unit shear stress force / area (lbs/in2, N/mm2)
G = Modulus of rigidity force / area (lbs/in2, N/mm2)
K = Polar Moment of Inertia (in4, mm4) for section

Roarks Formulas for Stress and Strain, 7th Edition, Table 10.1 Formulas for torsional deformation and stress.