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Latent Energy Load Moisture Removal or Addition Calculator

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Moisture Removal or Addition by HVAC Latent Energy Load Calculator

HVAC air exchange modifies the moisture content of air in a building. The rate of energy consumption associated with these latent loads, to add or remove water from the air and neglecting the energy associated with any condensate, is

Eq. 1
ql = 60 · Q · ρ · ΔW ( 1061 +0.444T)


ql = latent heat load to remove or add moisture, Btu/h
Q = airflow rate, cfm
ρ = air density, lbm/ft3 (about 0.075 at or near sea level)
ΔW = humidity ratio difference between indoors and outdoors, lbm water/lbm dry air (lbmw/lbmda)
ΔT = average of indoors and outdoor temperature, °F

Equation (1) is known as the latent heat equation. When at or near sea level, and for common comfort air temperatures, the right hand side of Equation is approximately

Eq. 2
ql = 4840QΔW



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