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Critical Speed Ball Screw and Lead Screws Formulas and Calculator

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Critical Speed Ball Screw and Lead Screws Formulas and Calculator:

The critical speed is the lowest rational speed that a shaft is in resonance.

nc = fc ( dr / Lc2) 107


nc = critical speed (rpm)
dr = root diameter of screw (mm)
fc = factor based on end speed support bearings
Lc = unsupported length of screw (mm)

Typical fc factor (see Ball Screw Design Equations for related images):

Fixed - free = 3.4
Supported - supported = 9.7
Fixed - supported = 15.1
Fixed - fixed = 21.9

Characteristic speed

DN = do nmax


nmax = DN / do

DN = characteristic speed (rpm)
do = nominal diameter of the screw (mm)
nmax = maximum allowable rotational speed (typical 60,000 - 150,000 mm/min)

Typical DN values for ball screw return designs are:

  • 76,200 mm-RPM (3,000 in-rpm) for Standard external return systems
  • 133,300 mm-RPM (5,250 in-rpm) for external returns systems with solid deflectors
  • 140,000 mm-RPM (5,510 in-rpm) for internal transfer designs

DN value can be used to deteremine the maximum speed of the screw assembly except for small diameter screws.

Typical Permissible Rotaional Speed Diagram
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Typical Permissible Rotaional Speed Diagram


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