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Photovoltaic Fundamentals

White Papers, Engineering Documents and Specifications

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  • Overview of Technology Progress
    • Growing Market
    • Promising Future
  • The Photovoltaic Effect
    • Energy from the sun
    • Atomic description of Silicon
    • Light Absorption and Creating Charge Carriers
    • Forming and ELectric Field
    • Electric Filed in action: Driving the charge carriers
    • Energy ban gaps
  • Solar Cells
    • Single-Crystal Cells
    Beyond Single-Crystal Silicon
    • Semicrytalline and Polycrystalline Silicon Cells
    • Thin-Film Solar Cells
    • Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells
    • Multijunction Devices
  • Modules, Arrays, and Systems
    • Flat Plate Collectors
    • Concentrator Collectors
    • Balance of System