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Surface Roughness and Static Friction Coefficient

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Contact Surface Roughness and Static Friction Coefficient Equation and Review

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Open: Contact Surface Roughness on the Static Friction Coefficient Equation and Review

The friction between two solids depends on contact conditions. The knowledge of the surface microtopography is ver./- important for study of tribological processes in contact zone. The coefficient of static friction depends on many factors: the mechanical properties of material, the surface roughness, the mutual dissolution of materials, the contact time, the lubricant -film properties, the elasticity of tribosystem, etc. The influence of the contact surface roughness on static friction coefficient was studied in this paper. Today, an engineer has large possibilities for identification of form and size of surface roughness with modern measuring equipment. The complex roughness parameter describes successfully the surface roughness and it is suitable for the static friction coefficient investigation. For experimental investigation of the static friction coefficient, the model with surfaces contact between samples was established. The experimental results are presented in this paper.