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Power Transmission by Leather Belting

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Power Transmission by Leather Belting


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This is an archive design manual for leather belt driven pulley's and machinery.

PREFACE The advent of high-speed steel and of intensive methods of production has rendered the problem of belt maintenance one of the most important of the many that the factory manager has to solve. In the machine shop belts must be I) proportioned to pull the heavier loads that are used in modem practice, and in any industry the belts must be so taken care of that the interruptions to manufacture due to i belt failures will be reduced to the minimum. Interruptions Q to manufacture mean loss of production and loss of profits. Concurrently with the development of improved methods of production there has grown up an improved system of belting practice, which has kept pace with production. The literature of these improved belting methods is buried in the transactions of engineering societies and in the files of technical journals. It is so scattered that it is difl5cult for the average man to comprehend that the art of power transmission ^ by means of leather belting has completely changed in the :j past ten or fifteen years. The object of this book has been ri to gather together the best information on the new practice and compile it in a form that would be of the greatest service s to the belting user. With the exception of the calculation of the tables that form a part of the work, the author makes no claim to originality. His office has simply been that of compiler of the work of Taylor, Barth and others. If the work that has been done in preparing this book will lead to better belting practice in the shops of the country, it will have accomplished its object.

Chapter I. General Considerations Affecting the Transmission OF Power by Belting i

Chapter II. Taylor's Investigations on Belting.

Chapter III The Horsepower Transmitted by Leather Belting 21

Chapter IV. Theory of Transmitting Power by Belting 29 Chapter V. Belt Maintenance 45 Chapter VI. Methods of Fastening Belts 56

Chapter VII. Miscellaneous Notes on Belting 63

Chapter VIII. Pulleys 73

Tables on the Use of Belting 88