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Dimensioning and tolerancing - Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing and related GD&T training Videos.

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Selection of Gauge Blocks

This video shows how to select a gauge using a gauge block buildup with a sine bar to create an accurate inspection setup.
Thread Checking Three Wire Method

Three Wire Method of Checking Thread Pitch
Casting Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Datum Targets on casting drafted surfaces with post machining requirements to meet end item design requirements.
Straightness of Surface Application

Straightness of Surface application example. This video overviews a tapered cam wheel translating along a cylindrical feature
Design for Straightness Tolerance

Design for GD&T Straightness on a cylindrical feature and the mating hole feature.
Design for Perpendicularity

Design for GD&T Perpendicularity tolerances as applied to a bolt through hole and counterbore.
Design for Circularity

Design for Circularity on a flare compression fitting geometric tolerancing and manufacturing requirements.
Multiple Datum Features Single Axis

This videos overviews the specifications for two datum features to define a single datum axis and then relate a cylindrical surface back to the single datum axis.
Specifying Hole Features Drafting

Basic drafting and specification of common hole features. Counterbore, thru hole, countersink hole features. Includes drafting symbol for hole depth.
Perpendicularity Measurement

GD&T open setup perpendicularity measurement demonstration method using a ball bearing.
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