Moisture Content Equation

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Moisture Content Equation

The moisture content of a substance is the opposite of its quality. Moisture is defined as the ratio of the mass of the liquid to the total mass of both liquid and vapor. The moisture of the mixture in the previous paragraph would be 0.8 or 80%. The following equations show how to calculate the moisture of a mixture and the relationship between quality and moisture.

Wdb = (100 x Ww)/Wd

Wwb = 100 x ( Ww/(Wd +Ww)

Wdb = (Ww 6 x 100)/(100 - Wwd)

Wwb = (Wdb x 100)/(100 + Wdd)

Where: Mdb = Percent moisture, dry basis
Mwb = Percent moisture, wet basis
Ww = Weight of Water
Wd = Weight of dry matter