Full Bridge Strain Gage Transducer Beam Deflection Point Loading (Full Bridge) Calculator

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Full Bridge Strain Gage Transducer Calculator

Strain Formula

Open Full Bridge Strain Gage Transducer Calculator

Description of Calculator inputs:

Units: Inches or SI (Metric), keep unit consistent with desired output

(W) Applied Load (lb/N): Load applied to beam in the selected units "Inches or SI (Metric)"

Modulus of Elasticity (M): (Young's Modulus) in tension and compression is the rate of change of unit stress with respect to unit strain for the condition of uniaxial stress within the proportional limit. For most materials the modulus of elasticity is the same for tension and compression.

(D) Distance of Load to Strain Gage (in/mm): Enter desired distance from the applied load to the strain gage.

(T) Beam Thickness (in/mm): Enter desired beam thickness.

(X) Beam Width (in/mm): Enter desired beam width

(GF) Gage Factor: Enter Gage factor or constant.

Description of Calculator outputs:

Strain (E): Beam axial strain (microstrain)

Bridge Output (mV/V): Bridge output units. When gage factor of the gage and instrument are equal (determined by gage factor Eo/EI) .