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A Coil spring is any spring formed into a helical coils shape. Coil springs are used in compression, tension, torsion. The term coil spring in generaly used to describe a spring commonly used in automiblies used to absorb load and deflection variqations fron the vehical suspension. The AUtomotive type coil spirng is used between the sutopmotive freme and control arm , the axle and chassis, or around a MacPherson strut.

Coil springs may be shaped conical, spiral wound and exhibit a constant rate or variable rate spring factor.

The following are three typical types of coil springs and thier applications:

  • Tension (extension) coil springs are designed to resist stretching or tension loading. Tension coil springs typicaly utilize a hook or eye feature to secire the coil spring at each end.
  • Compression coil springs are designed to resist compression. Compression coli springs typically are utilized to resisit compression loads. The ends of a compression coil spring are normally ground flat.
  • Torsion coil springs are deisgn to absorb torsional loads. The ends of a torsion coli spring normally have striaght or hooked features.

Coil springs are formed by twisting a wire around a shaped form.

Compression Coil Spring

Tension Coil Spring

Torsion Coil Spring

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