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Reinforcement Wall Thickness Plate ASME Pressure Vessel Section VIII Equations and Calculator:

ASME Pressure Vessel Design and Engineering

ASME Pressure Vessel Section VIII – Reinforcement Wall Thickness Plate Equations and Calculator:

Flange Example

The standard design method uses an increased wall thickness plate at the equator line of the vessel to support the additional stresses caused by the attachment of the legs. The formula for calculation the wall thickness of a segmented plate of to be welded in a vessel or spherical shell is:

ASME Flange Equation

L = Di/2

Preview Pressure Piping Minimum Wall Thickness Calculator

t = Minimum Design Wall Thickness (in);
P = Design Pressure (psi);
Di = Inside Diameter of Sphere (in);
L = Sphere Radius (in);
E = Tube Welding Factor (1.0 for seamless pipe; 0.85 = for welded pipe);
C = Weld Corrosion Allowance (0 for no corrosion; 0.0625 in. commonly used; 0.125 in. maximum);
S = Maximum Allowable Stress According to ASME Section II, Table 1A.