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Polyurethane sheets and sheeting is an elastometric material available in standard sizes up to approximately 6 inches thick, and is available in a wide range of harnesses and colors. Variations in mechanical and physical properties range from lower density foam, to very high density rigid sheet with a durometer of 85, shore D. Having high abrasion and hardness properties, polyurethane sheets will typically outperform many rubber, plastic and metal parts. Additionally, polyurethane is know to excellent fatigue, load-bearing, and environmental resistance properties.

Polyurethane sheet in foam composition can range from very soft and flexible to quite rigid. Foam Polyurethane sheets are commonly used in construction and other industry for the light weight to strength ratio's, high environmental resistance as well as very good insulation properties. 

Custom polyurethane sheets are available with cast-in reinforcement material, such as fiber glass, graphite, or glass. Cast in materials may also enhance the desired thermal transfer properties. The natural color of Polyurethane is tan, however additives can produce most any desired color.

The following are typical standards associated with the definition of performance properties of Polyurethane cast sheet.

ASTM D-638 - Elongation at Break %, Tensile Strength Yield (psi), Tensile Modulus

ASTM D-790 - Flexural Strength

ASTM D-256 - Izod Impact

ASTM D-648-82 - Heat Deflection Temperature


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