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Distance traveled on gradients Equation and Calculator

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Distance traveled on uphill or downhill gradients Equation and Calculator

The gradeability of a vehicle is expressed as a percentage (%). For example, the figure 25% means that for a horizontal length of I = 100m, a height of h = 25m can be overcome. The same applies correspondingly to downhill gradients. The actual distance traveled c is calculated as follows:


Gradeability Equation


c = Distance travelled, in m
I = Horizontal length of an uphill or downhill gradient, in m
h = Vertical height of an uphill/downhill gradient, in m
p = Uphill/downhill gradient, in %

Example of a calculation:
Gradient p = 25%. What is the distance travelled for a length of 200 m?

Gradeability Equation Example

c = 206 m