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Uniform Load Rectangular Plate Clamped (Empirical) Equations and Calculator


Rectangular plate, uniform load, clamped (Empirical) equations and calculator

Symbols used:
a = minor length of rectangular plate, (m, in)
b = major length of rectangular plate, (m, in)
p = uniform pressure loading, (Pa, lbs/in2)
v = Poisson’s ratio
E = Young’s modulus, (N/m2, lbs/in2)
t = plate thickness, (m, in)
s m = maximum stress, (N/m2, lbs/in2)
ym = maximum deflection, (m, in)


Circular plate, uniform load, edges clamped equation and calculator

Stress equation

Stress equation

Deflection at center

Deflection at center, v = 0.3

D = flexural rigidity= Et3/(12 ( 1 -v2)