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Shear Stress in Shafts

Strength Mechanics of Materials


Solid Shaft Torque

Shear Stress in a Solid Shaft Equation

When torque or twisitn loading is applied to a cylindrical shaft, a shearing stress is applied to the shaft. The shear stress varies from zero at the center  axis to maximum at the outside surface element of the shaft.

The shear stress in a solid cylindrical shaft at a given location:

σ = T r / Ip      

Open: Shear Stress in a Solid Shaft Calculator   


σ = shear stress (MPa, psi)
T = applied torque (Nmm, in-lb)
r = distance from center to stressed surface (mm, in)
Ip = polar moment of inertia" of cross section (mm4, in4)

Shear Stress in a Solid Shaft Calculator