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Rockwell Hardness Testing Review

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Rockwell Hardness Testing Review

The Rockwell hardness test is the most common method for determining hardness of ferrous and many nonferrous metals. (See table below.) It differs from Brinell hardness testing in that the hardness is determined by the depth of indentation made by a constant load impressing on an indenter. In this test, a standard minor load is applied to set a hardened steel ball or a diamond cone in the surface of the metal, followed by the application of a standard major load. The hardness is measured by depth of penetration. Rockwell superficial hardness tests are made using light minor and major loads and a more sensitive system for measuring depth of indentation. It is useful for thin sections, very small parts, etc. Calibration of Rockwell hardness testers is done in accordance with American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM E-18) specifications.

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