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Industrial Technical Math Practically Applied

Engineering and Manufacturing Mathematics
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Industrial Technical Math Practically Applied
Stephen P. Radzevich
304 Pages

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Industrial Technical Math Practically Applied


This book is the result of 12 years experience as supervisor of apprentices, designing, shop foreman and instructor in evening classes in technical schools.

The author has made every effort to simplify and analyze, step by step, the various phases of industrial mathematics. The problems, examples and illustrations have been carefully selected and chosen to make them as practical and interesting as possible so that they will stimulate and encourage the student to think clearly, reason and analyze for himself.

The first few pages are intended to be used for review or reference work at the discretion of the student, or for those who have only an elementary knowledge of mathematics.

Standard formulas and data, such as are usually found in mechanics' hand books, trade journals and technical literature, are frequently used and sufficient material in the way of explanations, illustrations and examples are given along with each subject so that the student will become familiar with them. It is hoped that such information will make this book of permanent value for reference and as a hand book.

Paul V. Faknsworth.
Detroit, Mich.


Part I
Signs, symbols, abbreviations, etc I
Notation and numeration 2
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 4
Cancellation and least common multiples 9
Common fractions 10
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of
fractions ' 11
Decimal fractions 15
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of
decimals 16
Percentage 19
Weights and measures 20
Ratio and proportion 24
Taper calculation 26
Interest 28
Pulley and gear diameters 30
Square root, involution and evolution 34
Cube root 37
The circle ; 39
Mensuration and geometry 43
Review exercises 51

Part II
Formulas and algebraical expressions 52
Progression 60
Trigonometry 64
Trigonometrical functions 67
Feeds and speeds 74
Cost calculation 77
Levers 88
Pulleys 91
Screws 94
Inclined planes 95
Wedges 97
Gearing definitions, etc 98
Spur gearing 101
Bevel gearing 105
Worm gearing 108
Spiral gearing 111
Review exercises 114

Part III
Dovetail slides 116
Screw threads 117
Lathe change gears 121
Indexing (simple, compound, differential and angular) 124
Spiral milling 129
Friction 130
Electricity 133
Work, power and the steam engine 135
Strength and proportions of gear teeth 138
Resolution of forces 140
Falling bodies 142
Centrifugal force 145
Horse power of belting 146
Length of belting 147
Rope drives 149
Cable or wire rope drives 150
Chain transmission 152
Shaft design 154
Bearing design 1 56
Ball Bearing Design 159
Center of gravity, radius of gyration and moment of inertia 161

Part IV
Graphical charts 166
Strength of materials 175
Springs 187
Pipes and cylinders 191
Riveted joints 194
Logarithms 196
Heat 200
Metal cutting 205
Force, work, energy and momentum 210
Force, shear and bending moment diagrams 216
Pendulum 226
Cam design 231
Review exerc'ses 236

Decimal equivalents, squares and roots of fractions. (Table I) 238
Natural trigonometrical functions (Table II) 239
Common logarithms (Table III) 242
Specific gravity of materials (Table IV) 243
Weight and specific gravity of liquids (Table V) 244
Melting point of materials (Table VI) 244
Strength of miscellaneous metals (Table VII) 245
Tapers and angles (Table VIII) 245
Cutting speeds (Table IX) 246
Weights and areas of round, square and hexagon steel. (Table X) 248
Circumference and area and circles (Table XI) 251
Standard dimensions of wrought iron welded tubes. (Table XII) 251
Tap drill sizes (Table XIII) 252
Twist drill and steel wire gages (Table XIV) 253
Standard key seats (Table XV) 254
Multiplication tables (Table XVI) 255