Grease and Oil Trap Review

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Grease and Oil Trap Review

Grease and oil traps are devices utilizes within plumbing systems to capture grease and oil from the discharge of industrial and consumer equipment and applications. Grease traps help prevent excessive buildup of grease and solidified oil within pipes and associated systems.

Grease and oil traps function by flowing wastewater containing both soluble and insoluble grease and oil into a chamber or volume, the grease and oils are less dense than water so they rise to the surface. The grease and oils are trapped inside the grease trap by using a system of baffles or plates. The captured grease and oils fill the trap from the top of the fluid (water) down, the de-greased water flows out of the bottom of the grease trap. Most grease systems have a trapped grease indicator which indicates the level of trapped grease. When a level of grease has accumulated within the greases trap, the trap should be cleaned out.

There are three categories or types of grease and oil traps found within industrial and consumer systems. These are passive grease and oil traps , that are normally used to handle small amounts, large pre-cast concrete grease traps, and automatic grease trap or removal systems.

Grease Trap or Interceptor

Courtesy of Sandia National Labs

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