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Vertical Tank Draining Time Formulas and Calculator

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Draining Time for Vertical Tank Formulas and Calculator

Draining Time for Vertical Tank Formulas and Calculator

Vertical Tank Drain from Bottom

t = ( π D2 h(1/2) ) / ( 16.05 Cd An )


t = time to empty in seconds,
D = diameter of the cylinder, ft,
h = height of liquid in the cylinder, ft,
Cd = Discharge coefficient,
0.61 for sharp-edged orifice
0.8 for short flush mounted nozzle
0.98 for rounded orifice
An = Cross-sectional area of drain opening (orifice / nozzle) based on ID of orifice / nozzle, ft2 ,
An = π/4 ( d / 12)2


Reference: Section 5, Chemical & Process Plant Engineering
Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations, 4th Edition, Tyler G. Hicks

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