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Machining and Material Removal Rate Calculator

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Machining and Material Removal Rate Calculator

This calculator will perform the following calculations, Drilling Material Removal Rate, Slab Milling Material Removal Rate, Feed per tooth f, and Face Milling Material Removal Rate.

Drilling Material Removal Rate
Eq. 1
MRR = ( π / 4 ) D2 f N


D = drill diameter,
f = feed rate,
N = rpm of the drill.
Power = MRR × specific power

Slab Milling Material Removal Rate

Cutting speed is the peripheral speed of the cutter
Eq. 2
V = π D N


D = cutter diameter, and
N = cutter rpm.

Feed per tooth f is given by

Eq. 3
f = v/(N n)


v = workpiece speed
n = number of teeth on the cutter.
N = rpm of the drill.

t = (l + lc)/v


t = cutting time,
l = length of workpiece, and
lc = additional length of cutter’s travel

= ( D d )0.5

If lc<< l

MRR = lwd/t,


d = depth of cut,
w = min (width of the cut, length of cutter)
cutting time = t = l/v.

Face Milling Material Removal Rate

MRR = width × depth of cut × workpiece speed

Cutting time = ( workpiece length + tool clearance ) / workpiece speed

= (l + 2 lc)/V

feed (per tooth) = = V/(Nn)

lc = tool travel necessary to completely clear the workpiece; usually = tool diameter/2.



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