K-Series Joist Deflection and Stress Analysis Calculator

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For Uniformly Loaded, Open-Web Steel Joists
Using Steel Joist Institute (SJI) Standard Load Tables

K-Series Joists Specifications

  • Designations: 8K1 to 30K12
  • Depths: 8 to 30 in.
  • Standard Seat Depth (Height): 2.5 in.
  • Span Range: 8 to 60 ft.
  • ASD Load Range: 127 to 550 plf
  • LRFD Load Range: 190 to 825 plf
  • Maximum Span/Depth Ratio: 24

K-Series Joist Sectional


1. OSHA is interpreting Section 29CFR-1926.751(c)2 to mean all joists whose length
>= 40' require bolted diagonal bridging in place before slackening of hoisting lines.
2. For point loads on K-series joists, the magnitude and location of load should be
indicated on the design drawings and "SP" must be added to the joist designation.