Tank With Spherical Ends Size and Volume Calculator

Pressure Vessel Engineering & Design

This calculator will determine the volume, weight and size dimensions of a storage / propane Tank.

Propane Storage Tank

Design Data:
Tank Diameter, I.D. = ft.
Tank Wall Thk., t = in.
Left End Configuration =
Left End Length, Ll = ft.
Cylinder Length, Lc = ft.
Rt. End Configuration =
Right End Length, Lr = ft.
Shell Density, ws = pcf
Contents Density, wc = pcf
Insulation Density, wi = pcf
Insulation Thk., ti = in.
Misc. Weight, Wm = lbs.
Calculated Results:
Outside Dimensional Data:
Outside Dia., O.D. = ft.
Total Length, L = ft.
External Surface Area:
A(left end) = ft.^2
A(cylinder) = ft.^2
A(right end) = ft.^2
A(total) = ft.^2
Empty Weight:
We(left end) = lbs.
We(cylinder) = lbs.
We(right end) = lbs.
Wm = lbs.
We(total) = lbs.
V(left end) = ft.^3
V(cylinder) = ft.^3
V(right end) = ft.^3
V(total) = ft.^3
= gal.
Full Contents Weight:
Wc(left end) = lbs.
Wc(cylinder) = lbs.
Wc(right end) = lbs.
Wc(total) = lbs.
Weight of Tank + Full Contents:
Wt(total) = lbs.