Pressure Vessel Pipe Stress Cone Stress and Pressure Design Calculator

Pressure Vessel Design and Calculators

This calculator is based on VIII-1, UG-32 and is applied to a conical section.

UG-16(b) minimum thickness requirement has not been taken into consideration here.

Cone Pressure Vessel

Wall Thickness (t)

Wall Thickness Formula

Pressure (P)

Pressure Formula

 OL [in] - large outside diameter
 Os [in] - small outside diameter
 t [in] - thickness
 L [in] -length
 Cr [in] - corrosion allowance factor
 S [psi] - allowable material stress 
 E - seam efficiency (weld)
 P [psi] - internal pressure
Calculated Data:
a [rad] =
a [deg] =
nt [in] =
 Required Material Thickness: 
Tr [in] =
Tr vs t
 Maximum Pressure: 
Pm [psi] =
Pm vs P