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Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers

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Handbook of mathematics for engineers

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Handbook of mathematics for engineers


This Handbook of Mathematics is designed to contain, in compact form, accurate statements of those facts and formulas of pure mathematics which are most likely to be useful to the worker in applied mathematics. It is not intended to take the place of the larger compendiums of pure mathematics on the one hand, or of the technical handbooks of engineering on the other hand ; but in its own field it is thought to be more comprehensive than any other similar work in English.

Many topics of an elementary character are presented in a form which permits of immediate utilization even by readers who have had no previous acquaintance with the subject; for example, the practical use of logarithms and logarithmic cross-section paper, and the elementary parts of the modern method of nomography (alignment charts), can be learned from this book without the necessity of consulting separate treatises.

Other sections of the book to which special attention may be called are the chapter on the algebra of complex (or imaginary) quantities, the treatment of the catenary (with special tables) , and the brief resume of the theory of vector analysis.

The mathematical tables (including several which are not ordinarily toupd) are carried to four significant figures throughout, and no pains have been spared to make them, as nearly self-explanatory as possible, even to the reader who makes only occasional use of such tables. For the Tables of Weights and Measures, which add greatly to its usefulness, the book is indebted to Mr. Louis A. Fischer of the U. S. Bureau of Standards.

All the matter included in the present volume was originally prepared for the Mechanical Engineers' Handbook (Lionel S. Marks, Editor-in-Chief), and was first printed in 1916, as Sections 1 and 2 of that Handbook. The author desires to express his indebtedness to Professor Marks, not only for indispensable advice as to the choice of the topics which would be most useful to engineers, but also for great assistance in many details of the presentation.

All the misprints that have been detected have been corrected in the plates. Notification in regard to any further corrections, and any suggestions toward the improvement or possible enlargement of the book, will be cordially welcomed by the author or the publishers.


Preface ,
Section 1. Mathematical Tables and Weights and Measures ... 1
(For detailed Table of Contents, see page 1.)
Section 2. Mathematics:
Arithmetic; Geometry and Mensuration; Algebra; Trigonometry;
Analytical Geometry; Differential and Integral Calculus; Graphical
Representation of Functions; Vector Analysis 87
(For detailed Table of Contents, see page 87.)
Index . . ... 187