Hydraulic Pump Horsepower Equation

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The following are hydraulic motor related equations for determining horsepower and related engineering design data.

To determine a pumps horsepower use the following equation.



P = Power, hp
Q = Flow Rate, gpm
S = Specific Gravity of fluid
H = Head height, ft
= Efficiency coefficient

Horsepower Required to Drive Hydraulic Pump

HP = GPM X PSI X .0007 (this is a 'rule-of-thumb' calculation)


GPM = Gallonsper Minute
PSI = Pounds per Square Inch
.0007 = Rule of Thumb Constant for Power
HP = Horse Power

#2 Horsepower required to Drive a Hydraulic Pump

P HP = q p / 1714


HP = horsepower (HP)
q = required pump capacity (gpm)
p = required pressure (psi)

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