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Thickness for a cylinder
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Posted by: abid

05/08/2009, 00:56:34

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I designing a cylinder for cycle hand pump. I have the internal pressure, inside diameter, length of cylinder. Now I want to calculate the thickness of the cylinder. Please guide me how to calculate it.

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: Thickness for a cylinder
: Thickness for a cylinder -- abid Post Reply Top of thread Engineering Forum
Posted by: thebigcance

05/08/2009, 13:14:27

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hi am ram, i could help u wid dat...........but u got to know the cylunder outside diameter for that.......instead of calculating it mathematically, i suggest u to consider a thickness, and proceed with the analysis part through CFD (computational fluid dynamics), wat i mean to say is, preset the thickness value, and just try to solve the capacity of the cylinder to withstand ur internal pressure, for that hieght u alrady have, because as a design engg, u have to make ur design compact and not complex.the cylinder wall thickness cannot be too high as u could lose the stroke volume, it cannot be too less, as it will result in damaging the wall thickness if ur internal pressure is high. so just do the analysis part.

but get me the cylinder ouside diameter. to select a cylinder, u will require,
1. cylinder ouside dia,
2. cylinder bore,
3. stroke length,
4. working pressure,
5. maximum pressure,
6. length of the cyinder,
7. piston dia,
and mainly chose ur cylinder if it is a push cylinder or a pull cylinder, for a push cylinder the above parameters are very critical, because if the piston dia is too small for higher loads, it will result in buckling.

anyways, u need more help please give me the ouside diameter, i will help u for sure, "knowledge could always be shared",

thans and regards, and best of luck.........

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