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Inexpensive Universal Tensile Tabletop Testers Stretch High Elongation Materials upto 48"H

PROVIDENCE, RI -Inexpensive tabletop universal tensile tester has a tensile force of 10,000 lbs. and a 48" crosshead. It stands 66" tall, but requires only two by four feet of table space. Used for textiles, rubber, thin films, foils, leather, wire, plastics, exotic composites and more, The Benz TT 2200 displays realtime force and elongation on a computer monitor for study, comparison, printing and record-keeping.

Operation is uninterrupted "load and go," saving enormous amounts of operator time. Results are precise and reproducible. Reports are easily customized.

Benzwin software, recently updated in October, 2006, provides data acquisition and comparison with past results through test curve displays and statistical analysis summaries. The software is part of the standard TT 2200 system, which also includes a PC.

Benzwin software stores test data for comparison and model building. Stress and strain analysis therefore does not require repeat testing and calculating, a benefit for production managers, quality controllers and researchers.

In addition to tension, Benz tensile testers test tear strength, peel strength, adhesion, coefficient of friction, burst, proof-load and stress relaxation.

TT 2200 hardware includes an emergency stop switch and programmed safety limits to eliminate load cell overload.

A number of grips for different types of material are available. Fixtures, adapters, temperature chambers, sample preparation equipment and high elongation extensometers are also available.

The TT 2200 is a larger tensile tester than the Benz Material Testing Instruments TT2100, which has 36 inch crosshead travels and is single, not double, screw. Screws are ball screws for smooth, quiet and efficient operation.

The TT 2200 is part of the Benz family of all kinds of material testing instruments, including abrasion testers, block ovens, bond testers, brittleness testers, burst testers, durometers, fatigue-to-failure testers, flex testers, impact testers, permanent set testers, plastometers, rebound testers, resiliometers, rheometers, specific gravity testers, viscometers and melt flow indexes.

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