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What's New!

Accurate Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

Heating and cooling load calculation is the first step of the iterative HVAC design procedure; a full HVAC design involves more than the just the load estimate calculation.

Pressure Vessel Roundness Tolerance

Maximum Allowed Out of Circular Form (Roundness) for Pressure Vessel Under External Pressure - Designation e.

Hemispherical Emissivities of Various Surfaces Table

Hemispherical Emissivities of Various Surfaces Table - Aluminum, Brass, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Stainless steel...

ASME BPVC Rules Summary and Overview

ASME Section VIII - Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels. The section of the ASME BPVC consists of 3 divisions. Division 1: This division covers the mandatory requirements, specific prohibitions and non-mandatory guidance for materials, design, fabrication, inspection and testing, markings and reports, overpressure protection and certification of pressure vessels having an internal or external pressure which exceeds 15 psi (100 kPa).

Hydrostatic Pressure Tests ASME Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels designed for internal pressure shall be subjected to a hydrostatic test pressure which at every point in the vessel is at least equal to 1.3 times the MAWP multiplied by the lowest ratio for the materials

Seamless Full-Hemispherical Head ASME Pressure Vessel Equations and Calculator:

ASME Pressure Vessel Section I: Seamless or Full-Hemispherical Head Equations and Calculator

Dished Head Equation and Calculator Pressure Vessel Equations and Calculator

ASME Pressure Vessel Section I: Dished Heads Formulae: Equations and Calculator:

Dished Head Formula hemispherical, elliptical ASME Pressure Vessel Section I Equations and

The ASME Section VIII – Division 1 determines the rules for dished heads. The most common configurations are spherical, hemispherical, elliptical (or ellipsoidal) and torispherical shapes.

Reinforcement Wall Thickness Plate ASME Pressure Vessel Section VIII Equations and Calculator:

Standard design method uses an increased wall thickness plate at the equator line of the vessel to support the additional stresses caused by the attachment of the legs.

Pressure Piping Minimum Wall Equations and Calculator:

ASME I and ASME-ANSI B31 – Pressure Piping Minimum Wall Thickness: Equations and Calculator