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What's New!

HVAC Air Handling Unit Design Excel Calculator

The Air Handling Unit Design Excel Calculator uses parameters such as sensible load, latent load, and total load to provide the remaining variables needed to select and specify air handling units.

HVAC Load Calculator Excel

This HVAC load Calculator can be used to determine residential and commercial space energy requirements and prices and costs. To use this calculator, enter information into the red-colored cells as necessary.

Press Brake Forming Force Equation and Calculator

Estimate the force (tonnage) for a press brake to bend or form sheet metal Equation and calculator.

Shaft Couplings Design Equation and Calculator

Solid Rigid Shaft to Shaft Couplings Design Equations and Calculator. The a shaft to shaft solid coupling does not allow for misalignment, except axial, but enables the extension from one piece of equipment to another.

Power Screw Buckling and Deflection Equations and Calculator

Power screws subjected to compressive loads may buckle. The Euler formula can be used to estimate the critical load Fc at which buckling will occur for relatively long screws of column length Lc and second moment of area:

Power Screws Design Equation and Calculator

Under static equilibrium conditions, the screw rotates at a constant speed in response to the input torque T shown in the free-body diagram above. In addition, the load force F, normal force N, and sliding friction force Ff act on the power screw. tive motion.

Flywheel Mass Size Design Equation and Calculator

The large variation that is possible between different machine designs shows that dynamic measurement or kinematic analysis is necessary to determine the torque fluctuation. It is often necessary, however, to come up with a rough estimate for preliminary design purposes or for checking the reasonableness of calculated values.

Engineering Statics Equations and Basics Equation and Calculator

Engineering Statics Equations and Basics Equilibrium

Cylinder Supported by Two Rollers Statics Equation and Calculator

Statics Force Analysis for Cylinder Supported by Two Rollers Equation and Calculator

Force Analysis Spur Gears Equation and Calculator

Machine Design and Application: Force Analysis for Spur Gears Equation and Calculator. Power and torque is transmitted when a tooth of an input gears exerts a force Fn along the pressure line on the tooth of output gear