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Spherical Sector Rotated Volume, Area Equation and Calculator

A spherical sector is a portion of a sphere defined by a conical boundary with apex at the center of the sphere. It can be described as the union of a spherical cap and the cone formed by the center of the sphere and the base of the cap.

Spherical Sector

V = [2(3.14157) r2 h] / 3

A = [2 (3.14157) r3 ] / 3


3.14157 = Pi
V = Volume
A = Area

Input Volume Data
Radius r (in, mm) =
Height h (in, mm) = 0.3000
Volume V (in3, mm3) =
Input Area Data
Radius r  (in, mm) =
Height h (in, mm) = 0.2500
Area (in2, mm2) =