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AlfaMag Electronics is now offering a new line of AC-DC switching power supplies.
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09/13/2005, 17:40:26
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Rolla, Missouri:  AlfaMag Electronics has a new line of AC-DC switching power supplies, ranging from 3W to 60W, with standard universal input voltages at 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, and standard single output voltages ranging from 2.8Vdc to 24Vdc.  These power supplies are low cost and high quality, and available in wall mount, desktop, and open style construction.  Custom designs are also available.  AlfaMag can incorporate into the design protection against in-rush current, protection against overload, and EMI filtering requirements.  You can also specify the delay time after switch-on and delay time after switch-off.  AlfaMag has a UL Family Recognition on all the enclosed style standard supplies.  Full specification and dimensionsal information can be viewed on the Product Index link on the AlfaMag website.  For additional information, contact Rick Eissinger, Sales Manager at AlfaMag Electronics, Phone: 800-413-6693 or 573-364-2422, Fax: 573-364-5390, email:  

AlfaMag Electronics specializes in high frequency magnetic components, linear and switching power supplies, and EI laminate transformers.  They offer the convenience of local technical and sales support, with the ablilty to produce most of their magnetic components in-house for quick engineering sample turnaround and the economy of offshore manufacturing for production quantites.

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