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Membrane Switch Manufacturer Improves Printing Capabilities

Pannam Division of Horizons Inc., a ISO 9001/2000 certified leader in the design and manufacturing of " membrane switch " technology, today announced the successful installation of an HP Indigo s2000 6-color digital printing press. The HP Indigo provides the ability to print low-cost/ high-end membrane switch graphics in a fraction of the time of traditional screen printing.

 The HP Indigo allows designers to recreate graphics on polyester and polycarbonate through its four-color process capabilities. Half tone and dot patterns, traditionally problem areas for screen printers, are now digitally reproduced effortlessly. Any digital photo or artwork can be printed as well as variable information.

Digital printing eliminates the expense of conventional screen printing by eliminating film and screen. A 16-color membrane switch overlay requires 16 films, 16 screens and 16 different set-ups on press. A 16-color membrane switch overlay on the Indigo requires just one set-up and the colors are applied all at one time. The time savings are unsurpassed.

 Pannam also announces the purchase of a high-speed membrane switch cutting laser from Automation Alternatives. This high-speed membrane switch cutting laser reduces costs to customers by eliminating the costly tooling of traditional clamshell die cutting. Mike Rish, COO of Horizons, states: "The high-speed membrane switch cutting laser and the HP Indigo digital printer are part of our plans to digitize our entire operation. Customers are demanding better graphics, quicker turns, the ability to make changes and lower costs. By going digital, it allows us to upgrade the product while at the same time reduce our cost of the membrane switch."

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