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High Performance Telecom Interconnect Component

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Spacers used to mount interconnect devices in telecommunications equipment are molded of high performance Polyetherimide (PEI) by Minnesota Rubber/QMR Plastics resulting in longer operating life with lighter weight and far easier assembly than the aluminum components they replace.

Designed with 1/8 inch through holes on each end to accommodate wires that connect to other components, these spacers have a closed 1/8 inch center hole and measure inch L x 5/8 inch x inch. During operation, these spacers provide heat resistance and electrical shielding to connected components. Previously used aluminum spacers were electrically conductive and transmitted heat to adjacent components. With the new PEI components from Minnesota Rubber/QMR Plastics, spacer performance and durability was increased significantly while weight and material costs were reduced.

According to Minnesota Rubber/QMR Plastics, PEI is an amphorous thermoplastic with excellent hydrolytic and UV stability as well as radiation resistance. With high strength and modulus, PEI has high heat resistance and can be used in continuous temperature extremes to 375 F. In addition to this telecom application, PEI material is ideal for applications where repeated steam, hot air and cold chemical sterilization are factors. In addition, the material can be un-reinforced or reinforced with glass fiber or other materials including carbon and minerals.

This new PEI telecom spacer also provides assembly benefits. The previous aluminum component design had locating holes that required riveting operations. Accurate alignment was essential to avoid wasted components and potential performance issues.

By contrast, the new Minnesota Rubber/QMR Plastics component is self-aligning, allowing fast, press-fit assembly into the telecom assembly. Potential alignment issues were thus eliminated along with scrapped components.

In addition to costing less than aluminum components, requiring less assembly time and providing longer operating life, the Minnesota Rubber/QMR Plastics components weigh 50 percent less, an important consideration in today's miniaturized telecommunication system designs.

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