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Hardware/Software Converts PC's Into Full-Featured SPC Gaging System For Digital Gages

Hardware/Software Converts PC's Into Full-Featured SPC Gaging System For Digital Gages

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Kurt Manufacturing announces introduction of the second generation USB DigiDirectT, the most advanced hardware/software for converting existing PC's into real-time SPC gaging system for your digital gages.
The DigiDirect module provides four direct interface ports for Mitutoyo, Federal Digital and other brand hand gages, dial indicators and metrology devices. The module is ideal for machine shops looking for a cost-effective way to implement data collection. It works with virtually all software or can be used with Kurt's SPC data collection software (sold separately).

Kurt DigiDirect has these operating advantages:
. Provides real-time process control
. Saves operator time and money
. Provides out-of-the-box data collection in minutes
. Prevents data entry errors . Provides full SPC charting and tools
. Gets paper charts off the floor
. Provides light column, digital or spread sheet displays
. Generates standard or custom reports
. Gage and machine capability studies included
. Assists in ISO and QS 9000 certification
. Single file database - manage all of your data efficiently
. Network for paperless factory automation

"Kurt USB DigiDirect is today's solution for gaging and IO support," reports David Richardson, Kurt Electronics sales manager. "It operates on any PC's universal serial bus, making it a truly plug and play answer for virtually any gage, probe or sensor."

Additional features include: supports over 200 gaging channels and over 800 input and output ports; provides flexibility for supporting digital gages, LVDT and half bridge probes, analog devices, machine tool control and I/O and PLC interfaced; power module and I/O module provide total machine control, eliminating the need for expensive PLC's and electrical enclosures while providing E-stop, photo eyes, valve, motors, pushbuttons and PLC communications.

Call in U.S. and Canada 1-800-343-9884 for FREE brochure.
Outside U.S. and Canada call 763-572-4593.
Write to Kurt Manufacturing Company, Electronics Division,
5800 Main Street NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432.
Fax: 763-574-8368.

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