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PIPE-FLO Adds Six Major Pump Manufacturers Catalogs
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06/29/2005, 13:38:04
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Engineered Software, Inc. Announces the Availability of Six Major Pump Manufacturers Electronic Catalogs


Lacey, Washington - Engineered Software, Inc., the leading provider of software used to design and simulate the operation of fluid piping systems, announced the availability of six major pump manufacturers electronic catalogs through its PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO programs. The company added Gorman-Rupp, Sulzer, Fairbanks Morse, Pentair Water, Gusher Pumps and APV to the more than 70 pump manufacturers with available electronic catalogs.


"We are pleased to add updated Gorman-Rupp, Sulzer, Fairbanks Morse, Pentair Water, Gusher Pumps and APV electronic pump catalogs to our existing list of manufacturer catalogs," said Ray Hardee, Vice President of Engineering at Engineered Software, Inc. "Having these catalogs available is a tremendous benefit to our more than 15,000 PIPE-FLO users who count on our pump selection feature to ensure accurate pump sizing."


Pump selection is a major feature of Engineered Software's innovative PIPE-FLO product line. Using PIPE-FLO, designers and operators are able to simulate and analyze their fluid piping systems - and select pumps directly from the manufacturers catalogs to use in their systems. The benefit is that PIPE-FLO users understand exactly how a certain pump will perform within their system.


"Being able to do our pump sizing in PIPE-FLO by looking at the e-pump catalogs is a major timesaver. It is great to be able to consider variable speed drive pumps and look at the pump curves to see how they will run in the system. PIPE-FLO pump selection allows us to do a better job of selecting the right pump for the right situation," said longtime PIPE-FLO customer  Daniel Parker , President of Parker, Messana & Associates.


The PIPE-FLO product line is used by designers and operators to gain a clear picture of their fluid piping systems. The program allows users to visualize their systems in a familiar format, calculate system operations, easily communicate the design with others and access supporting documents in electronic format.


About Engineered Software, Inc. - Founded in 1982, Engineered Software, Inc. has created products that are known worldwide for high end-user satisfaction rates. The company has two award-winning product lines - PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO Solutions. Recognized as the best in the industry, the programs' interface was developed and refined based on over 20 years of customer feedback. Engineered Software, Inc. has more than 5,500 clients worldwide across a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, chemical processing, engineering design and consulting, food and beverage, oil and petrochemical, mining and metals, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, wastewater collection and treatment and education.

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