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Frequency to Voltage Converter

Michigan Scientific Corp has begun production of its latest frequency to voltage converter, the MSCF2V04. The MSCF2V04 is a fully digital system targeted at automotive wheel speed sensing applications but is versatile enough to be used in almost any test application requiring frequency to voltage conversion. Each unit has four fully differential frequency inputs that can accept signals as low as 350mV peak-to-peak or as high as 200V peak-to-peak. The input signal conditioning can be user configured for almost any type of frequency input and has a user-enabled option that is specifically targeted for magnetic reluctance type sensors frequently used in ABS wheel speed measurements. Frequencies can be measured as low as 0.150Hz and as high as 120kHz. The inputs can also be configured to accept quadrature encoder inputs, with both angular velocity and position outputs. A digital display is provided on the front of the unit, which can be configured in several different ways. The analog outputs are provided by 16-bit bipolar DACs with an output range of -10V to +10V. These outputs are updated on every period of the input signal. They are instantaneous, not average values. The unit is fully configurable from any Windows compatible computer equipped with a USB port using the provided software, and configurations are stored in nonvolatile Flash memory. Virtually every option is configurable, including the output voltage range, input frequency range, input offset, and minimum measurable frequency. For wheel speed applications, there is an ABS algorithm that can be enabled which quickly detects wheel lockup. The durable metal case is EMI and RFI shielded.

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