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Engineering and Technology News has Released New Version of Pipe Flow 3D - Engineers Edge Visitors get 10% Discount has released a new version of its Pipe Flow 3D software, which allows analysis of pressure drops at any point in a pipe network and also calculates the overall system pressure drop.

Pipe Flow 3D calculates the fluid friction pressure loss in individual pipes, shows the overall system pressure loss, checks the full flow rate will reach the pump, and shows the NPSH available.

The pipe work is shown on a 3D grid and this makes it easy for people to both draw the pipe network and also to visualize the resulting system. The program works in both imperial and metric units and comes with its own integrated Fluid Database that contains data on many different liquids.

Once the system has been drawn, the length, diameter, flow rate and direction of any pipe can be changed as required. New pipes can be inserted into the system, or pipes may be deleted from the system, and the intuitive user interface makes the program simple and easy to use.

The pipe friction loss, the effect of any rise or fall, the friction loss due to pipe work fittings, and any fixed pressure together with the fluid density is used to calculate the total pressure drop. The total pressure drop is then displayed in either bar, kPa, or psi.

The software can be downloaded from ??? for a free trial, and as a special offer, readers of the Engineers Edge can enter the promotion code 'EE2005' when purchasing the program to obtain a 10% discount.

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