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Pipe Flow Calculations Software - 10% Discount for Engineers Edge Readers!
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03/18/2005, 18:03:49
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Pipe Flow Calclation Software has released a new version of its Pipe Flow Wizard software, which allows "What if?" calculations on gases and liquids in pipes. The program comes with its own integrated Fluid Database that contains data on many different liquids and gases.

Depending on the known information, Pipe Flow Wizard can calculate pressures, flows, diameters, or lengths. The software can operate in imperial or metric units for both input data and the output results, which include the type of flow (laminar or turbulent), Reynolds number, friction factor, and fluid velocity.

The program is great value, easy to use, and it provides straightforward access to information on common pipe materials, standard pipe sizes, internal roughness values and k factor values of various types of fittings, which in turn makes it simple for the user to input their data and to obtain the results they require.

The software can be downloaded from for a free trial, and as a special offer, readers of the Engineers Edge can enter the promotion code 'EE2005' when purchasing the program to obtain a 10% discount.

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