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Directly Import PS-Electrode CAD Data into EDM Machine

Delcam's PS-Electrode now provides direct link to Charmilles EDM equipment.Delcam has made its PS-Electrode software for the design of electrodes even easier to use by providing a direct link to the CT Millennium control for Charmilles EDM equipment. As with the existing link offered to the Agievision control used on Agie's EDM machines, the new connection to Charmilles equipment provides direct programming of the control and so makes the overall process both faster and less prone to error. Prior to the introduction of direct software links, PS-Electrode users would need to print a set-up sheet for manual programming of the EDM machine.

The new automated process is much easier and quicker, especially when a number of electrodes are being used on the same component. In addition, the direct link removes the human error that could always be possible with manual programmingPS-Electrode now provides a highly automated process, from the receipt of the CAD data for the component to the programming of the EDM machine. The software is able to identify the areas where electrodes will be needed, generate the electrode design, recommend the most suitable blank and holder from catalogues including Erowa, Hirschman and System 3R, and specify the offsets required for the spark gap. For the most complex examples, or in cases where the original CAD data is of poor quality, PS-Electrode can be used with Delcam's PowerSHAPE hybrid modelling software to step out of the automatic process at any stage, make any adjustments to the design that might be needed, and then return to automatic operation.

PowerSHAPE can also be used to mirror or duplicate any electrode design for other areas of the model, to combine different sections into a single electrode, or to add extra geometry to the design, such as reinforcing ribs or alignment notchesDesigns developed in PS-Electrode can be transferred directly to Delcam's PowerMILL CAM program for the generation of machining data. They can also be used by the PowerINSPECT inspection software to check that the machined shape is exactly as specified.Welcoming the development of the direct link, Chris Hewitson from Agie Charmilles said, "With over 45,000 machines is installed worldwide, Charmilles is the world's leading supplier of EDM equipment by some way. We devote 12% of our annual turnover to the development of our technology and hold hundreds of patents covering our innovations. Even so, we welcome the opportunity to work with developers of related technology, like Delcam, to provide even better solutions to our customers. I have been very impressed with the PS-Electrode software and its ability to generate electrode designs quickly and easily. With the direct link to the Charmilles control, it will give even greater benefits to our customers."

For further information on Delcam's PS-Electrode software, please contact: -Peter Dickin, Public Relations Manager
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