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Engineers Edge, a premiere design, engineering and manufacturing web portal announces Engineering and Technology News Release Center hosting free news release from industry.

Here on the Engineers Edge website we will publish technology news releases from your company (relevant to the sector, of course) completely free of charge. If you don't see your sector, don't worry, we will create one for you.

To have your news release included in the Engineers Edge, complete and submit your registration at the REGISTER link on the news release page. You will receive a activation email, follow the instructions within the email.

To submit a Press Release, simply LOGIN through the link provided on the main News Release Page. 

After you login for the first time, go to your User Panel, and "Edit your profile, such as signature".  Your profile will contain information such as; Contact information, website URL, ect.

To submit a Press Release, on the main page, select SUBMIT News , enter the subject, select a category which best fits (we'll create one if necessary), enter you press release text (no html) and select "Post".  You are done! Your press release will be reviewed by Engineers Edge staff and be released shortly.

Please note this website service is NOT a company directory or a link farm. It is a resource of technology news releases, so you must submit in a news release with your registration. You will not be added otherwise. To ensure that your news release content will be included within Engineers Edge please note the following:

News release should contain useful design, engineering or manufacturing content, such as, application notes, product or process capabilities, specifications etc...  We will not publish financial information. Remember, Engineers Edge has over 260,000 engineers, designers and other technical professionals visiting every month, and they are looking for solutions!

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