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Medical Aluminum And Zinc Cast Parts

Mounds View, Minnesota: Custom medical electronic chassis, motor end caps, compressor fan housings and equipment bases in aluminum and zinc are high pressure cast and finished by Fivestar Die Casting, an ISO certified manufacturer of medical device components.

Fivestar Die Casting is a medical device casting supplier with the capabilities to produce line-ready parts in a JIT environment. The company specializes in producing parts from zinc and aluminum in a range of sizes from miniature zinc parts to 800 ton press aluminum parts.

Fivestar Die Casting works from the concept stage with customers. This allows a complete understanding of the functionality and the intention of the part to facilitate correct metal selection, identify finishing requirements and to select and design proper tooling for the part.

Following mold design, Fivestar Die Casting lays out the production process. State of the art automation and robotics are incorporated to produce cost-effective parts, delivered when required.

All finishing operations on parts are available including deburring, precision machining, multiple spindle drilling, polishing, painting, plating, inspection, assembly and packaging.

Fully committed to the latest advanced manufacturing processes including integrated machine operations and cell manufacturing, Fivestar Die Casting, a division of Marshall Manufacturing Company, provides the highest quality, efficiency and on-time delivery for the medical device industry.

Call 1-800-321-6727 for more information
Or write to Fivestar Die Casting, 5275 Quincy Street, Mounds View, Minnesota 55112. Fax: 1-800-321-6728

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