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Industry's First LXI Class C Compliant Oscilloscope Family Optimized for Test-System Use

Industry's First LXI Class C Compliant Oscilloscope Family Optimized for Test-System Use.

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced the first LXI class C compliant oscilloscope family optimized for use in test systems. The Agilent 6000L Series digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) offer four channels of measurements in a compact, rack-mountable 1U-high form factor, giving engineers a space-efficient way to integrate oscilloscopes into their test systems. The unit's remote capabilities and graphical Web interface reduce setup and troubleshooting time for engineers building design-verification and functional-test systems in the aerospace/defense, automotive, communications, medical and computer industries.

Test engineers in these industries are demanding more digitizer channels in less rack space. The Agilent 6000L Series low-profile oscilloscopes come in a "true 1U" package that packs four channels and up to 1 GHz bandwidth into a slim design, providing more digitizer channels to engineers who have limited rack space.

"The introduction of these LXI oscilloscopes demonstrates our commitment to lead the transition to LXI products," said Scott Sampl, vice president and LXI spokesperson for Agilent's Electronic Measurements Group. "It's another important step in helping our customers simplify test-system configuration and create new possibilities in testing."

The 6000L Series oscilloscope models offer 100 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz analog bandwidth and up to 4 GSa/s sample rate. All three models come standard with 8 Mpts MegaZoom III deep memory so engineers can capture long, non-repeating signals, and maintain high sample rates with good timing resolution.

All Agilent 6000L Series oscilloscopes come standard with LAN, GPIB and USB interfaces as well as an additional front-panel USB port that lets engineers easily store waveform data, scope setups and screen images on standard USB memory sticks.

The 6000L Series DSOs are 100-percent software compatible with Agilent 6000A Series portable oscilloscopes, which offer displays and front-panel control knobs and buttons. Engineers can use a 6000A Series oscilloscope during the R&D phase. When the product moves to manufacturing, they can use a system-optimized 6000L Series oscilloscope without a display. Because the 6000A and 6000L are completely software compatible, the manufacturing team can use the software and test routines developed in R&D.

Engineers working with both analog and digital circuitry can easily upgrade the 6000L Series DSOs to get the unique capabilities of a 4+16-channel (scope and logic) mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO). Both the MSOs and the traditional 4-channel DSO models are optimized with the capabilities engineers need for verifying and debugging designs that include embedded system components.

An optional secure environment mode provides the highest level of security by ensuring that internal memory is clear of all setup and trace settings in compliance with National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual, Chapter 8 information-system security requirements.

The Agilent 6000L Series oscilloscopes are part of Agilent Open, a versatile combination of test-system hardware, I/O and software tools that are easy to enhance and maintain by ensuring greater choice in measurements, connectivity and programming.

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